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22.06.2022 - PawQuest-concept is being created and brainstormed! Website is being built right now.

Welcome to PawQuest!

PawQuest is a fun game created by FoxFable to encourage virtual pet lovers to walk, run or bike in real life and gain achievements (badges). You can adopt a pet here from the official site, or draw one yourself, and add it to your website. You manually keep a journal of your walks. The more you walk, the more badges your pet gains, and therefore will be super cool! Also, you can have as many pets as you would like and participate in fun events and challenges.

Does it already sound interesting to you? Great, then check out our guide how to play!

Rules of the game

  • No inappropriate or NSFW pets or material. These pets will not be added to the registry.
  • Don't cheat, you'd only be cheating yourself :)
  • Same walk can only be logged on one pet, can't walk multiple pets at once
  • Don't take badges if you haven't deserved them
  • Don't claim FoxFable art as your own
  • Always make sure you have rights to use the pictures of the pets, if you use something from the internet.

If someone is breaking the rules, their pets will not be official and they are removed from the registry.

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