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22.06.2022 - Walkimals-concept is being created and brainstormed! Website is being built right now.

How to join?

To join PetQuest you need a website. It doesn't have to be fully dedicated to the game, it can be your personal website or blog. However, you need to have an individual page (URL) for every pet, so it's easier to keep track of things and your pet can be linked to the registry. You can make your own website on Neocities or Blogger for free!

Your pet page needs to have AT LEAST these informations (you can get creative and add more too):

  • Pet's picture - You must include a picture of your pet. You can grab one here, draw it yourself or get it from somewhere else, just make sure you have rights to use it.
  • Pet's name- Your pet must have a name. It can be as long or as short you want! Just nothing inappropriate. You can have a fancy kennel prefix if you'd like.
  • Pet's journal - Your pet has to have a journal so you can track your walking/running/biking. Just add a title for the journal, so you can start journaling underneath it!
  • Pet's badges - Of course you'd like to show off your cool achievements! So add a title for this section to the page too. In the beginning, this section is empty.

Once you have a link to your pet page, and the page has all of this information, you can start walking/running/biking and adding them to your pet's journal! We recommend you submit the link to your pet page to our registry from here.

Example Pet Page

Name: Example Pet


Movement Journal

Total: 8 km / 4.9 miles

22.06.2022 - Biking, 5km / 3.1 Miles Biking today was really nice. The weather was sunny and warm!

21.06.2022 - Walk, 3km / 1.8 Miles Refreshing weather, I saw a little ladybug on my walk today.

Copy a base pet page code:

I have a pet, now what?

Walking / Running / Biking

PetQuest is a fun way of keeping track of your exercises. Once you have adopted your pet, you can start journaling on their page. When you go out, it's recommended to use a sport tracker app to know how many kilometers/miles you have moved. Add the date and distance to your pet's journal. It's nice to write something about the walk. How did it go, how was the weather, did you encounter something interesting? You can attach pictures too!


Be sure to check our badges-page. Once you have moved with your pet, you might deserve a nice badge to your pet's profile! For example, once you have walked 10 miles with your pet, you can save the badge from the page and add it to your pet page. You don't need to ask for permission, but do not cheat! Proof has to be seen from the pet's journal.

Competitions and challenges

Check PawQuest competitions and challenges! Also players can host official competitions and challenges (badges and achievements have to be drawn by the host). Let us know and we will add it to the list.

Adopt even more pets

Create a whole army! Remember, you can only walk one at a time. You can also create a "kennel", make them have pups, customize their pages, give them personalities, give yourself a nice kennel prefix... Get creative :)

Draw pets for trade/adoption

You may draw pets and offer them up for trade or adoption for other players. You will have to host this on your website. Please send a message to registry if a pet has changed owner.

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