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What is PawQuest?

How do I join and play PawQuest?

How do I contact PawQuest?

Can I adopt more than one pet?

Can I draw my own pet?

How do I register a pet to the official registry?

Can I walk many pets at the same time?

How do I gain badges?

I have a pet, now what?

Walking / Running / Biking

PetQuest is a fun way of keeping track of your exercises. Once you have adopted your pet, you can start journaling on their page. When you go out, it's recommended to use a sport tracker app to know how many kilometers/miles you have moved. Add the date and distance to your pet's journal. It's nice to write something about the walk. How did it go, how was the weather, did you encounter something interesting? You can attach pictures too!


Be sure to check our achievements-page. Once you have moved with your pet, you might deserve a nice badge to your pet's profile! For example, once you have walked 10 kilometers with your pet, you can save the achievement from the page and add it to your pet page. You don't need to ask for permission, but do not cheat! Proof has to be seen from the pet's journal.

Competitions and challenges

Check PawQuest competitions and challenges! Also players can host official competitions and challenges (badges and achievements have to be drawn by the host). Let us know and we will add it to the list.

Adopt even more pets

Create a whole army! Remember, you can only walk one at a time. You can also create a "kennel", make them have pups, customize their pages, give them personalities, give yourself a nice kennel prefix... Get creative :)

Draw pets for trade/adoption

You may draw pets and offer them up for trade or adoption for other players. You will have to host this on your website. Please send a message to registry if a pet has changed owner.

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