Happy New Year 2022!! I have been quite busy now with IRL stuff and work and building new habits and new me for this year. I haven't really had time for much art or updating but soon I'm gonna be creating again. I hope everyone are doing well! :3


Aha, the thing has been created!!!! I was sad about not having a nice pixel art forum, and lovely RoseDryad felt the same way.. she created a pixel art forum and together we will revive the cute pixel art community!! Here we go!! Come join us n_n


I can't help but feel a bit sad because I really wish I had a place where I could connect with other pixel artists :( Actually revive the cute pixel art community. Or just find some people like me. Like there used to be cool forums and other cool stuff.. I want something playful, cute and fun. Neocities has helped me the most because the community has a lot of people who appreciate pixel art - thank you neocities - but also I feel bitter because I wasn't around during the "golden era" of kawaii/cute pixel art..

I'm just gonna continue what I'm doing, gonna get better at pixel art and I don't know, maybe create a new forum or something if there's people who are interested :)


Fun stuff has been added, for example Teeny Towers and the Quilt! Check them out, let's exchange :)
Also my about me-page got some new stuff, a photo of me and my guinea pigs and some more info! Yay. I have also been adding art here and there but nothing mindblowing, just small things. I have been planning Christmas and been buying gifts, and I have been working from home because everyone are sick and I don't wanna catch anything :( I hope to stay healthy. I have almost gotten sick 3 times already this autumn and my body has been able to fight back, thankfully lol.


Whew.. I have been making a new layout for FoxFable and it has been SO much work but I think it's turning out nice. The navigation was a good challenge for me. Maybe the hardest part was to figure out what I want and create a nice design. It took me so long lol. I was looking at some nice nostalgic pictures on Pinterest and I found a cute screenshot of Hamsterz game I had when I was a kid. So this new layout is based on the colors from that screenshot! Also here is a picture of how this website used to look like before the update, so I will not forget.. :) Click on it to see.

I thought it was cute but I wanted a new challenge again and I think this new one is better! Hopefully you guys like the new one too.


I created one new piece, it has been a while ^^; You can find it in Scenes.


I have been updating a bit of this and that! Now the website has a new font. I added a mascara to Miscellaneous.


Added two phones to Miscellaneous! I think they turned out pretty good! I'm trying to add a little bit of animation to every work.


I added a key to Miscellaneous. I'm looking for more people(websites) to do banner exchange with!


I added a new banner, the one with the fox silhouette ^^ I also added some new squishmallows to Animals. Will probably add something more tonight.


The site is finally slowly starting to look like how I want it! And now I have a cute domain name as well (foxfable.fun). Today I added two new pieces: Boombox to Miscellaneous and Manta Ray scene to Scenes. I also added a new page for my personal art!