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Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World
Town name: Alton
Player name: Fang
Started: 2020
Fruits I have:

07.04.2022 - Flower Fest

It's Flower Fest! And cherry blossoms in the trees!

Tortimer was waiting for me at the town hall. I went to speak to him and he told me about this special event. He told me that during flower fest, everyone make a garden around their house and he will choose the most beautiful one. He gave me a white cosmos bag to start my garden with. I went to plant it right away.

I was happy to see Hopper also participating in the fest. I went to say hi to him and to my surprise I got to witness a historical moment: Hopper saying something nice. He complimented my designing skills!

Oh and Alton has a new villager!! Welcome Mitzi!!!

Current villagers:

26.03.2022 - Rainy mood

Today it was very rainy and I loved the vibe. Blaire was looking extra cute. I also took out my umbrella.

Here's the tasks I got today:
Old-school furniture for Hopper ✔
Fossil for Pecan ✔
Common butterfly for Derwin ✘
Lovely furniture for Blaire ✔

I was a bit sad to see that Margie has packed her stuff and wanted to leave. I have promised myself I have to let villagers go when they want to so I could make new friends too.. but it's so sad. Margie was my dreamie. But I have to let her go.. She saw my town as it's best. I'm sure we will meet again one day..

I also found one funny bottle message.

Current villagers:

25.03.2022 - Fuck off Jeremiah

I'm angry at Jeremiah!!! He's trying to hit on every girl in this town!!!

Now he basically forced me to say that I love him EVEN THOUGH I DON'T, and he was so smug about it!!!!

Current villagers:

23.03.2022 - Lovely spring day

The weather was so pretty today!
I saw some floating presents and shot them down, first one turned out to be an item, "Corinthian Post", and the second one "men's toilet"..

Derwin challenged me to catch a honeybee before him. I actually did! He gave me a citrus wall. Also him and Jeremiah were struggling with some dance routine and I feel like they are not getting along too well right now.

And Redd was in town, so of course I went to visit. I bought "opulent painting" and Blathers was very happy to add it to the museum collection.
Pecan did a weird personality quiz on me but I loved it. She says I'm very much connected to my true inner self. I believe her.

Margie gave me a task to get her a new shirt and I went to buy her rose shirt. She liked it so much and I think it looks perfect on her!

The newest gossip is that Margie and Blaire are best friends right now. And Jeremiah seems jealous.. Maybe Jeremiah likes Blaire?

Current villagers:

07.12.2021 - Starting the journal
Here I will start writing down my adventures!
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