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Animal Crossing: Wild World Tips & Tricks

Starting a new town

Choosing your face

When you are in the car with Kapp'n, you have a chance to choose your face and hair! It is determined by the conversation you have with Kapp'n. Follow the responses in this guide to get the hair and face you want. Remember, later on in the game you are able to get a hairdresser (requires multiplayer) so you can change your hair later too. But your face is forever!!

Shop Upgrade

If you want to upgrade Nookway to Nookington's, you MUST play multiplayer. To do that, follow this guide.
You need to buy and sell items for a total of 240,000 bells and have a friend from another town buy any item from your Nookway.

Making Bells

Money hack

Golden Tools

Golden Shovel

Golden Net

Golden Fishing Rod

Golden Axe

Golden Watering Can

Golden Slingshot

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