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How to play Animal Crossing: Wild World Online / Multiplayer?

Wild World has discontinued online functionality since 2014. But luckily, we have another way to play online. It's called Wiimmfi!

To be honest, all this stuff is hard to understand. Even I don't have deep knowledge on how this works.. but it does! If you do the steps correctly, it should be very easy to play online.

You need:
- A DS, Lite, DSi or 3DS console (might work with emulator too but I haven't personally tested it)
- Animal Crossing Wild World
- A phone with a hotspot

Step 1

Switch the hotspot on on your phone. Make sure it has no password set (Security: NONE). Just so you know, when you have it on, anyone nearby can access your hotspot.

Step 2

Go to your Nintendo DS WIFI/WFC settings and connect to the hotspot you made. There should be a blue open-lock next to the name of your hotspot if everything was done correctly.

If you are connecting from an older DS or the emulator, you can connect to the hotspot in game. Open Wild World and in the opening screen, go to Other things -> Wi-Fi settings -> Start. Pick Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Settings. Pick one of the empty connection slots (or erase one first). Search for an Access Point. You should now find your hotspot.

Step 3

Once you have connected to your hotspot, edit the connection settings on your DS.
Auto-obtain DNS - No.
Primary DNS -
Secondary DNS -
Save your settings.
The DNS can change in the future but it's this for now.

Step 4

Go in the game and go to the gate of the town. Talk to Copper and get your friend code. Give this to your friend you want to play with. Your friend should give their code to you. Add each other's codes to the friend tab in the game.

Step 5

You can open your town's gates by talking to Copper - "Invite guests". You can also leave to your friends town by choosing "I wanna go out" if they have their gates already open.


It's common to run into problems in this process. Check these things if you have errors or lag:
- Check if you entered the DNS numbers correctly.
- Move your DS close to the hotspot (your phone).
- Delete your friends and add them again.
Error code: 86420, try another hotspot.
Error code: 80430, make sure both of you have friend codes added.
More error codes you can check from here.

Common Courtesy

There is some things for you to know before exploring someone else's town:
- Do not take anyone's items/fruit/other stuff without permission.
- Do not run on flowers! They are delicate and some are more rare too.
- Do not cut down trees without permission.
- You can usually shop at Nooks freely, you can fish, talk to villagers, water flowers, shake trees, pull weeds.. etc.
- It would be better to leave through the gate once you're done. If the host stops the connection, sometimes process is lost. But usually it's fine.

Other help and community

Video tutorial | Facebook Group | Discord for Animal Crossing Wiimmfi
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