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Name: Royalty Noonan
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Partner: Married
Traits: Goofball, Adventurous, Family-Oriented
Career: Winner of Big Brother Season 1
Ages Lived: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Other info, pictures, memories:

Royalty was kind, funny and smart contestant in Big Brother season 1. She ended up winning. She was a prankster and would pull jokes constantly, so she most fans thought she was annoying, but she was generally very liked in the house and got along well with everyone. She was also quite focused during weekly tasks and she was never too close of getting evicted. After Big Brother, Royalty became a millionaire and lived in a mansion with her husband until they both passed away peacefully. Royalty didn't have any offspring.

Royalty quickly formed an alliance with Mayuko and Javion.

Focusing on a weekly task during week 1.

Royalty formed a nice friendship with Sae.

Royalty caused a fire.. Luckily John saved her.

Royalty and Javion having a fun chat.

She found her calling on week 5, when she picked up an acoustic guitar. She was a natural!

Royalty on fire again.

During weekly task of week 6, she was making fans fall in love with her by performing live.

Random fans started following her around, even to the bathroom.

Happy Royalty after winning Big Brother season 1.