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Transformations from Queer Eye Sims Season 1

The Fab Five

Felix, William, Enzio, Akeem and Milania!

Episode 1

Before: "Hi, I'm Thessaly Lynn. I'm a shy and sensitive person. Being around animals bring the best out of me. I'm struggling with getting friends and meaningful relationships. I would also like to have a good physical transformation."

After: "Wow, I love my new style, I look so youthful now! With the help of the Fab Five, I'm more confident, I understand how to take care of myself better and I have gotten many new friends. 23 new friends, to be exact! Animal friends too. Thank you Fab Five for helping me, it was the best week ever! I lost some weight too thanks to Akeem!"

Episode 2

Before: "Hello. I'm Kuniyoshi Enomoto. My wife wanted me to come on to the show and I hope the Fab Five can help me. I don't really have much friends right now and I'm not taking care of myself as much as I would like to. Sometimes I feel like I'm too hard on myself. I love nature and being outside makes me relax. I would love to update my wardrobe and everything about my looks."

After: "I feel so cool and confident now thanks to Fab Five! I found my fashion style and I found my new passion: Painting. I made many new friends, visited fun places and learned more about myself. With the help of Milania, I now know how to be more kind to myself."

Episode 3

Before: "I'm Casandra Kendrick. Please Fab Five, help me! I feel so average. I don't know what I like and I'm not skilled in anything exactly. I have good friends but I can't help but feel jealous when they achieve so much more in life than me. I also recently lost a family member so I need hugs and good energy. I LOVE dogs and I'm a very laid back person. I'm very young and I would like to start living my life - and look cute! I would like to look elegant and pastel."

After: "Thank you Fab Five. You helped me so much! Especially William. Now I have my own style and aspirations, and I feel hopeful about the future. I learned so many new skills with the Fab Five. My favorite skills were acting and painting. I also got closer with my brother and we can really be there for each other. Now I'm thinking of adopting a dog..."