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Name: Liam Paulson
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Partner: Zach Ivan
Traits: Confident, Jealous, Romantic
Career: Starring in Love House Season 1
Ages Lived: Young Adult

Other info, pictures, memories:

Liam was an interesting contestant in Love House Season 1. He tried to form relationships with the girls but was terribly unlucky and ended up being the most disliked boy after the final party. However, Liam fell in love with a boy instead: Zach. This was an unexpected but nice twist. The boys moved in together after the show.

Liam on date with Sasha.

Liam on an extremely awkward date with Riley. They ended up having an alright time though.

Liam seen complimenting Zach a lot and spending time together.

Liam and Zach having some spicy conversation in the bathroom and Adrian listening closely.

Liam and Nicola kissing on their special date. Liam ran to Zach right after this.

Liam and Zach started dating officially.

Riley slapping Zach at the final party.