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Name: Kirby Ausherman
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Partner: Unknown but married
Traits: Romantic, Evil, Adventurous
Career: Chef. Starred in Big Brother Season 1.
Ages Lived: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Other info, pictures, memories:

Kirby was a funny character from Big Brother season 1. He was VERY mean and struggled with all of his relationships, but he spiced everything up and became a legendary figure in BB history. He left after week 3. After BB, he ended up in a suspicious, controversial marriage, got cancelled for it but lived on happily and got three children before he passed away of old age.

Kirby and John were flirting a bit.

Happy Kirby after winning Painting challenge and becoming Head of House for week 2.

Kirby discovering he loves electronic dance music (and Sae hating it.)

Sae yelling at Kirby.

Paparazzi shot of Kirby playing chess in the wild (after BB).

Paparazzi shot of Kirby hitting on some random girl at a bar.