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Name: John Jensen
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Partner: Frieda Jensen
Offspring: Pete and ? Jensen
Traits: Genius, Confident, Squeamish
Career: Starring in Big Brother Season 1
Ages Lived: Young Adult, Adult, Elder

Other info, pictures, memories:

John was a little too friendly with everyone at the Big Brother house during season 1. He especially flirted with Kirby and Javion. John was evicted after 4 weeks. After the show, he married to some lady called Frieda and got two children together. John lived happily until he passed away of old age.

Jamming in front of the mirror.

John and Mayuko having a fun conversation.

John and Kirby having a flirty moment.

John won Head of House for week 3 and he threw a party.

John spilling some tea to Sae in the tub.

John's flirty face.

Saving Royalty from a fire.

Then saving Javion from a fire.

John after being evicted after week 4.