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Name: Grant Tobe
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Partner: Rosalie Lyon
Traits: Self-Absorbed, Genius, Romantic
Career: Starring in Love House Season 1
Ages Lived: Young Adult

Other info, pictures, memories:

Grant was the f*ckboy of Love House season 1. He really had ALL GIRLS go wild. He formed serious relationships with all of them, especially Rosalie and Nicola, who he had special dates with, woohoo'd AND started dating with. This guy was handsome and had everyone wrapped around his little finger. At the end party, he played it smooth and girls didn't even get too angry at him, when he rejected everyone and chose Rosalie as his new official girlfriend. They moved in together after the show.

Rosalie: Girlfriend, woohoo'd
Nicola: Girlfriend, woohoo'd
Riley: Romantic tension
Jenna: Romantic tension
Darcy: Romantic tension
Sasha: Strong romantic relationship