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Name: Galaxy Giles
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Partner: -
Traits: Perfectionist, Clean, Hot-Headed
Career: Starring in Hunger Games 1
Ages Lived: Young Adult

Other info, pictures, memories:

Galaxy was such an annoying b*ch she became the most legendary character in my Sims Challenge history. Certified UwU girl who almost girlbossed her way to win. To our joy, she died from hunger, but she did have enough time to be remembered as an absolute menace.

Immediately when the game started, she showed us her true nature: clean freak. She went to the ONLY bathroom they had and started scrubbing the toilet.

Then she went on to clean the sink. And then the toilet again. Then the sink again. She stayed in there for days and everyone would pee their pants because Galaxy wouldn't let them in.

Everybody cheered when Ezekiel finally forced Galaxy out of the bathroom.

The game master gave Galaxy a little lesson and locked the door from her. Now she couldn't wash the toiler anymore and she was in distress.

But do not worry, soon Galaxy figured out another way to make life harder for everyone else. She kept UwUing and sitting on one of the only beds in the arena, so nobody else could sleep. Queen.

Eventually food distracted her but Gus stole her meal and called her stinky. Deserved.

Soon she found a new way to piss everyone off again and she started washing the only food source they had. So obsessively that nobody could eat. Game master had to remove the grill.

Galaxy showed some signs of desperation as she went to make some secret deal with the reaper.

Gus let his feelings out and yelled at Galaxy.

Galaxy played the victim card and UwUed herself out of the situation. She's not accepting any of that negative energy UwU

All fans cheered as Galaxy finally died from hunger. Ezekiel didn't give a damn.

Her friend, the reaper, came to collect her. She's now somewhere over the rainbow washing all the toilets and sinks.