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Name: Amir Alcoser
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Partner: Valenthia Alcoser
Offspring: Aryel and Cédric Alcoser
Traits: Self-Absorbed, Cheerful, Active
Career: Starred in season 2 of Big Brother
Ages Lived: Young Adult, Adult

Other info, pictures, memories:

Amir was a funny, a bit of a sweet loner during season 2 of Big Brother. The girls tried to flirt with him often but he always freaked out and started talking about football. He was a fan favorite and probably the smartest person in the house. He came in third place.

Devyn, Amir and Kent at a party.

Amir and Dianna having dinner.

Happy Amir after gaining immunity on week 2.

Amir enjoying the third weekly task with Teyla.

He reached the top level in cooking while in the BB-house.

Amir loved athletic weekly task during week 4.

His hard work paid off and he became Head of House for week 5.

Amir trying to flirt with Dianna in the pool. This was a bit of a scandal, because Dianna was just married.

Amir streaking in front of a high level celebrity house during weekly task 6.

Making extraterrestrial friends.

Amir won the third place of Big Brother Season 2.